Sir 'Baby Got Back' Mix-A-Lot launches Facebook trivia game

Mix 'n' match with sir mix-a-lot on facebook
Mix 'n' match with sir mix-a-lot on facebook

If there's a new and notable trend in social gaming -- it's games that are doing double duty as a marketing tool for music artists. Lady Gaga recently partnered with Zynga for a special FarmVille promotion, which gave players early access to songs from her newest album.

That was a one-time shot, but other games, like the just-launched Platinum Life Country and the upcoming MargaritaVille games, are built to be interactive music portals. Each of these is a game, but it's also just another place that fans can tune in to listen to the new Kristin Chenoweth single (and a host of other Country Music Television artists) or a few Jimmy Buffett tracks, respectively, via a streaming player.

The latest artist to jump on this music marketing bandwagon is none other the man who, in the late '90s, turned the phrase 'Baby Got Back' into a song and pop culture phenomenon -- Anthony Ray, a.k.a. Sir Mix-A-lot. The hip-hop artist, with Seattle-based start-up Giant Thinkwell, released a new Facebook game this week called Mix -N- Match with Sir Mix-A-Lot.

It's a trivia game, and you have to answer a series of questions the way you think Mix would. A few sample questions are: 'What would Mix think is worse: Bad Breath or B.O.?" and "What would Mix prefer: White Meat or Dark Meat?" After each round, you try to answer the same questions for fellow Facebook friends as well.

The more questions you answer correctly, the more Hype you earn, which can then be used to win stuff, like an exclusive track from the artist, a video shout-out from Mix and a ride in Mix's Lamborghini. There's also an option to use Facebook Credits to buy power-ups that will double or triple the amount of hype you earn while playing.


If were one of the millions of people who memorized all of the lyrics to 'Baby Got Back' -- this trivia game is amusing enough to play through at least once, though there's not really enough 'game' here to warrant doing much more than that. Only the hardest of hardcore Mix fans will likely be repeat visitors, driven by the chance hang out with the hip-hop artist who likes 'em "real thick and juicy." Yeah, you know what I mean.

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