Plants vs. Zombies, unite! PopCap's charity auction enters Week 2

Plants vs. Zombies peashooter costume While most sites right now are abuzz with the rumored auctioning of PopCap Games to Electronic Arts ("Auction item number one: PopCap ... the whole thing! Bidding starts at ... $1 billion!"), there's a smaller, equally important one started by PopCap itself.

To recap on PopCap, for every week until July 12th, the company will put a bunch of official, one-of-a-kind games merchandise up on eBay to bidders. All proceeds (the first week's raised $1,700 USD) will benefit the Starlight Children's Foundation in America and SpecialEffect in the United Kingdom.

Since Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies is the most well-known and beloved of PopCap's games, so it's great that we're seeing a lot of PvZ merchandise this week.

Following the ceramic Peggle sake set, you can now serve up some delicious breakfast (or braaaaains) with a Plants vs. Zombies ceramic mug and bowl set! Fend off the undead hordes with an official Peashooter costume that was used in the NYC Greenwich Halloween parade! Or get a box diorama of a PvZ Final Wave to display in your home.
Plants vs. Zombies ceramic mug bowl set
This week's auction closes June 28th with more goods on the way. (I'm excited to see what the Zuma-themed ceramic tea set will look like!) Keep up with the releases here:

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