Million-Dollar Mystery: Who Really Bought Spelling Mansion?

spelling mansion
spelling mansion

Did she or didn't she? Only her Realtor knows for sure -- and he's not talking.

Real-estate blogs have been abuzz since news broke last week that 22-year-old Petra Ecclestone (pictured) bought Candy Spelling's Bel-Air Manor, long the country's most expensive listing at an unflinching $150 million. Presumably her daddy, Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone, bankrolled the deal.

After three years of "Will Candy ever sell that over-the-top monstrosity?" speculation, I was actually looking forward to writing the end of this story.

But noooooo ... disbelievers like celebrity blogger Real Estalker continue to rock search engines with doubts about whether young Petra is the real buyer. It's Bernie's pal Mukesh Ambani (Forbes' ninth-richest man in the world), they say, or Lakshmi Mittal (a companion in the Top 10).