Up Close and Personal with Boeing's 747-8 at the Paris Air Show

The Paris Air Show this week has offered plane manufacturers an opportunity to show off a ton of new hardware, but no aircraft has caught the crowd's imagination like the massive Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental.

Aol Travel had a man on the ground to check out the new 467-passenger behemoth, which Boeing is billing the 747-8 as a more efficient answer to the 747-400, its current heavyweight.

The 747-8 will have to sumo wrestle Airbus's new A380 for supremacy if it is going to become the go-to choice for long-range hauls. So far, Airbus has booked more orders, though that takes little away from Boeing's engineering achievement. Either way, airline passengers can expect to be boarding something massive sometime soon.

Video shot and edited by Hunter Stuart.

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