FrontierVille Ropin' Collection: Collect from your Rodeo for free Horse Treats

After you've finished building your Rodeo in FrontierVille, make sure to continue collecting the building's daily bonus. Why? I'm glad you asked! You see, there's a new collection to complete, and this collection will give you free Horse treats just for finishing it!

As usual, if you want to earn these items any faster, you can ask your friends for donations to the cause, but just make you remove an item from your wishlist if you receive one (or ten)! Here's what you'll need to collect:

Rodeo Boots
Silver Buckle
Parade Saddle
Ropin' Reins
Mustang Blanket

For finishing this collection, you'll receive the free Apple horse treat and 50 XP. This treat normally costs 8 Horseshoes, and when you use it, your Horse will gain double XP for the next seven tends on your Homestead. That's a pretty great prize, so make sure to turn this one in if you complete it to help your Horse out with its next level!

What do you think of this new Ropin' Rodeo Collection in FrontierVille? Would you rather see a different Horse Treat given away instead? Sound off in the comments.
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