FrontierVille Rodeo Goals: Everything you need to know

Rodeo Arena
Rodeo Arena

It's finally time to take a seat on a more serious saddle in FrontierVille, as Zynga has released the Rodeo Goals to the game. In this series of four Goals, players will have lots to do on Horseback, so make sure you've already completed the Horse Corral Goals before getting into these. (In fact, these might not even appear to those who haven't completed those prior Goals.) At any rate, here is everything you need to know to complete the Rodeo Goals.

Saddle Up
Saddle Up

1. Saddle Up!

  • Tend 25 Animals on Horseback

  • Plant 20 Corn

  • Harvest 20 Apples

Considering there have already been Goals in which you complete tasks on Horseback, we'll jump right ahead. Planting 20 Corn will cost you 4,500 Coins, while Apple Trees go for 800 Coins a piece, if you don't already have a few. Completing this Goal rewards players with 250 Coins, 250 XP and a Sugar Cube.

Mysterious Stranger
Mysterious Stranger

2. A Mysterious Stranger!

  • Clobber 3 Gophers on horseback

  • Clear 10 Grass (yours or a neighbor's)

  • Have 10 Rodeo Posters

The only tips we can give for this Goal would be to not harvest that planted Corn until you take on this Goal. Groundhogs are found by harvesting crops, and Corn just so happens to be one of their favorites. The 10 Rodeo Posters are sourced from friends through the Goal menu. Finish these simple tasks and you will score another 250 XP, 250 Coins and a Carrot Treat.

How Bout Them Cowgirls
How Bout Them Cowgirls

3. How 'Bout Them Cowgirls?

  • Collect 10 Go Bess Go Flags

  • Harvest 20 Flax

  • Mix a Concoction

The "Go Bess Go" Flags are found through even more help requests from friends. Harvesting 20 Flax will cost 3,000 Coins and take at least eight hours. Then, all you need to do is mix any Concoction in the Saloon to finish this Goal (however, most drinks in the Saloon require the help of friends), which will reward you with yet another 250 XP and 250 Coins.


4. Giddyap!

  • Compete in 5 Barrel Races

  • Feed 5 Neighbor Horses

  • Collect 3 Rodeo Arena Bonuses

In order to finish this Goal, you must complete the Rodeo Arena, which is a new building that released with this set of Goals. Though, you also must visit your friends and feed five of their Horses. Completing this fourth and final Goal will reward you with--surprise!--250 Coins, 250 XP and a Midnight Bronco, a new Horse to ride in the Rodeo Arena.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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