FarmVille Turbo Chargers: Plow, Plant or Harvest your entire farm with one click


Forget the SuperCombine! Gone are the days of plowing, planting and harvesting just nine squares at once on your farm in FarmVille, as tonight Zynga has introduced the Turbo Charger feature. These Turbo Chargers are consumable items, just like a tank of fuel or a Fertilize All, that allow you to harvest, plow OR (watch out for that wording) plant every single square on your entire farm in a single click. That's right - whether you have 50 crop plots or 500, you can now tend to each of their needs with a single click.

You'll first need to choose your vehicle - either Tractor, Harvester or Seeder - and then use a Turbo Charger to perform that vehicle's function to your entire farm. It looks like you can choose the SuperCombine, but we're still working to figure out whether or not that would take three full Turbo Chargers to perform the one-click function. This feature is incredibly new, and we'll update when we can confirm one way or another.

Of course, these Turbo Chargers won't come cheap, as there are three packages of them available to purchase in the store (prices may change):

3 Turbo Chargers - 2 Farm Cash
15 Turbo Chargers - 8 Farm Cash
60 Turbo Chargers - 20 Farm Cash

Ok, actually, the three Turbo Chargers package is pretty cheap, but just remember that if you plan on planting quickly growing crops, and coming back to your game multiple times in a single day, those three Turbo Chargers could be gone in an instant, forcing you to spend more Farm Cash to keep the happiness flowing.

In order to entice users into purchasing more Turbo Chargers, and to simply introduce the feature to players, we're all being given three free Turbo Chargers to try out. Don't worry if they haven't appeared in your game yet, as this appears to be on a slow rollout. You can always purchase more from the store while waiting, but we won't judge you if you simply use your free supply and then save your Farm Cash for something else.

Have you tried the Turbo Chargers on your farm? Do you think this time-saving convenience is worth a continued stream of spent Farm Cash? Let us know in the comments.