FarmVille: Returning UFO items are out of this world


Tonight's FarmVille update sees a temporary re-release of one of the rarest items themes in the game (and also one of the smallest) - the UFO or alien theme. As part of Zynga's second birthday celebration for the game, you can now pick up UFO themed animals and decorations, along with a new vehicle. Here's a full look at what's once again available (I hope you've been saving your Farm Cash):


E-QUESTR10N (Horse) - 24 Farm Cash
B0V1NE-09 (Cow) - 20 Farm Cash


Crop Circle Finale - 20 Farm Cash
Crashed UFO - 30 Farm Cash
Alien Outpost - 14 Farm Cash


UFO (Biplane) - 40 Farm Cash

See? I told you this theme was small. Still, the novelty and rarity of many of these items explains much of their high price tag, and could also justify a purchase, in at least this farmer's eyes. Will you join me in finally spending some Farm Cash on these items, or do you already have them on your farm? Either way, you only have a single day to make up your mind, as these items will float back up into outer space after that point, perhaps never to be seen again.

Let us know what you think of these items in the comments. Would you purchase them if available for coins, or are you fine with paying Farm Cash for items that are this rarely seen in the game?

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