FarmVille: One click sharing slowly rolling out for faster news posts


At the beginning of May, Zynga launched a quick sharing option in FrontierVille that allowed users to simply click on an in-game window to requests for items, share bonuses, etc. without having to wait for the blue and white Facebook pop-up to appear on top of the gameplay area. The feature has apparently gone over so well that the FarmVille team has started rolling out this one-click sharing feature to a lucky group of farmers to test.

To be clear, this doesn't mean that Zynga will automatically share items to your wall without your permission, it will just allow you to skip a step when you actually want to post something. Say you want to share the news that you've just mastered a new crop, or you want to share that newborn calf that you've just discovered. After clicking on the window to share it, a post will automatically be generated on your wall using your current Facebook privacy settings.

There's no way to sign up to be one of these farmers, as the rollout appears to have happened randomly. There's also no telling when every farmer will have access to this time-saving feature, but we're willing to be patient for such a great end result. Facebook will no longer be able to force me out of full screen play just because I want to share some extra bushels? Yes please!

Have you received this one-click sharing feature in FarmVille? Will you use the option when it rolls around to you, or do you prefer to post everything manually?