FarmVille: Farmers Insurance returns to the farm for round two


While we've known that Farmers Insurance would be making a comeback to FarmVille this month, we didn't have an exact date for its return. Turns out that the return day was today, as you can now visit Farmer Bob's farm and help it recover from a "terrible disaster" by simply clicking on the picture of Prof. Burke from the University of Farmers in your friends list, as seen above.

You see, Farmer Bob's farm seems to have been the victim of a terrible dust storm, which has also brought out all sorts of vile varmints and withered all of his crops. A simple click of this button brings in the Farmers Insurance blimp, which restores everything to its former glory. But of course, you probably don't care about the stability of Bob's farm - you just want your prizes, which is perfectly understandable. For helping out, you'll receive two Unwither applications and another Farmers Airship, which can both be found in your Gift Box back on your own farm.

It should be noted that there might be a problem with this promotion as of this writing, as I personally received two Unwither applications in my inventory, while other players have only received one. Refreshing the game didn't make this extra Unwither go away, so did I just get extremely lucky, or is the amount of Unwithers random? We'll make sure to let you know if we figure that one out. In the meantime, the Blimp itself doesn't appear to serve any purpose as of this writing, although one could be added in the future (if there is, we'll make sure to let you know).

What do you think of this newest Farmers Insurance promotion in FarmVille? Would you rather the Blimp served a purpose, or are you a fan of new sponsored decorations? Let us know in the comments.