Did Dallas Cops Pee in Colleague's Car?

dallas cops Heads could roll at Dallas' South Central Patrol Division if they find out that officers there are responsible for urinating in an unmarked police car and on the uniform inside it. The car, which is used by a deployment officer who is a member of the Latino Peace Officers Association, apparently was parked and locked inside the police facility. DNA samples from the crime scene are being processed.

Unnamed sources told Dallas' News 8 that there is an ongoing feud between officers in the division, which could possibly account for a motive. The vandalism was noticed and reported when the officer who uses the car arrived at the station, opened the car door and was met with a foul odor.

This goes far beyond simple pranking, and could be grounds for firing. But if an officer or officers are responsible, it could be difficult to determine which. While they can probably narrow it down to the estimated 20 or so officers who have access to the keys, DNA samples are not mandatory for officers when they are hired, so finding a match for the DNA samples taken from the urine in the car might be difficult.

Fingerprints are on file, however. But if police officers are inclined to leave fingerprints at the scene of a crime, there are doubtless other issues over which they could be fired.

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