Civilization World for Facebook reveals a crazy complex city [Video]

CivWorld Combat
CivWorld Combat

You wanted complexity in your Facebook games, right? Firaxis Games plans to deliver enough of it to keep you interested for, well, ever in Civilization World. (And probably more than we could handle.) In Episode 2 of CivWorld's Gameplay Walkthrough, Pete Murray shows the nitty gritty of each of the game's primary resources: Food, Gold, Science, Culture and Production. And Sid Meier's social rendition of his hit strategy game looks to be deeper and more daunting than ever.

In CivWorld, you can change your workers' tasks at any time to fill gaps in any particular resource. Have some Farmers producing Food, but you need more culture progression? Then just switch them over and they'll start gathering the Culture resource. Scientific progression can be automated using the Job system, but can be micromanaged as well. The most exciting aspect of city progression in CivWorld, however, is the mini games.

For each resource, there is a mini game that you can play for extra boosts to that stat. For more science points and faster progression, you can work on a vast, sprawling maze mini game. To increase your Culture, you must collaborate with your friends to complete artifacts and acquire Great People before the opposition does, which can be sped along through a picture-swap game.

Most intriguing of all is the first footage of the combat system we recently heard about, which amounts to a card battle game that uses your Civilization's collective units. So, it pays to--you guessed it--collaborate. If anything, CivWorld is looking to be a seriously deep game, and we can't wait to dive in.

[Video and Image Credit: Firaxis Games]

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