CityVille: Grow Pineapples to give your city a tropical touch


A new limited edition crop has been added to CityVille that looks to help the game continue in its recent summer theme. However, don't get too excited about this one, as it will cost you City Cash for each individual square you plant. The crop is the Pineapple, and it is available from the regular Crops section of the game's store.

You can plant a single square of Pineapples for 3 City Cash, and while the growth time is instant, you'll only receive 95 Goods per square planted. Sure, that's a great turnaround on an instantly growing crop, but if you instead decide to save your City Cash and grow regular crops, you can each just as many Goods, if not more, by waiting a day and planting Corn, for instance.

Still, if you have plenty of City Cash to throw around, and simply don't want to wait for your crops to grow, this is definitely an option - but only a limited one, as these Pineapples won't be around forever.

Will you plant a field full of Pineapples in your city, or are you sticking with crops that won't cost you any real world money to plant? Let us know in the comments.