CityVille Boat Race Goals: Everything you need to know

CityVille Rusty
CityVille Rusty

Soon enough, Boats in CityVille won't just be for shipping, but racing too. A new set of Goals has been revealed, titled simply for now as "Boat Race." There are six Goals in all, and the rewards are quite appealing--not to mention terribly fitting for a Boat Race between ornery sailors.

1. Rusty's Challenge

  • Visit 10 Neighbors

  • Send and Receive 5 Cargo Ships

  • Get 2 Popularity Votes

This first Goal is simple enough. Essentially, just do what you do best: Visit friends and make liberal use of the game's Goods shipment system. Then you must ask your friends for two Popularity Votes through the Goal menu. For completing this easy task, you'll receive Spinach as a brand new crop to plant.

2. Cruise Control

  • Collect from any City Dojo 8 times

  • Harvest 40 Spinach

  • Ask friends for 3 Racing Flags

If you don't already have a City Dojo, the building costs 4,250 Coins and runs through 110 Goods at a time. Unfortunately, these Goals haven't been released yet, so there are no details on Spinach. However, you will have to ask your friends for three Racing Flags, something we're all familiar with at this point. You'll receive a Junk Boat as a reward for finishing this Goal.

3. See Food Training

  • Send and Receive 10 Trains

  • Have 2 Crabs

  • Have 1 Lobster

Sending and Receiving 10 Trains is kid stuff at this point in CityVille. Both the Crabs and Lobster come from the Surf and Turf Collection, which can be completed by collecting from both the Tower Eats and the Seafood Restaurant. Of course, you're better off having both. If you own neither, the Tower Eats costs 1 million Coins and runs through 165 Goods, while the Seafood Restaurant costs 7,500 Coins, requires 15 neighbors to buy and consumes 140 Goods. For this Goal, you will be rewarded with the Boat Shop, likely a new business.

CityVille Shipping
CityVille Shipping

4. Ready? Set? Race!

  • Send and Receive 20 San Francisco Supply Boats

  • Send and Receive 4 Cruise Ships

  • Have 2 Sports Drinks

You'll have to make liberal use of your Goods shipment Boats in this Goal. While you send out a whopping 24 Boats, you need to collect two Sports Drinks, part of the Fitness Collection. This can be accomplished by collecting from either the Bike Shop and the Extreme Sports Store. The former costs 2,500 Coins, requires nine neighbors and eats through 75 Goods, while the latter costs 33 City Cash, so you can already your best option. No information on this Goal's rewards is available at the moment.

CityVille Cruise
CityVille Cruise

5. New Friends In China

  • Harvest 30 Eggplant

  • Collect from 4 Noodle Shops

  • Ask friends for 5 Chinese Kites

Harvesting 30 Eggplant will cost a tiny 840 Coins and take at least one hour to complete. Then, you must collect from the Noodle Shop four times, a business that costs 4,000 Coins and runs through 90 Goods. Then, just ask your friends for five Chinese Kites from the Goal menu, and you're on your way to a brand new Export Port as reward.

6. Click It And Ticket

  • Place Ticket Booth

  • Collect 3 Carnival Tickets

The Ticket Booth unlocks as a reward for completing the Zoo, so place that wherever if you hadn't already. Then, you must collect three Carnival Tickets, which we imagine are again sourced from friends through the Goal menu. Unfortunately, reward information isn't available for this Goal either.

[Editor's Note: This content is not yet released in CityVille, details may change before it goes live.]

[Source and Image Credit: CityVille Info]

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