Cafe World Super Summer Food Fest Goals: Everything you need to know


To celebrate the summer in a big, big way, Zynga has launched the Super Summer Food Fest in Cafe World. You'll need to build your Food Booth, unlock new summer dishes (Chicken Salad Wrap, Baked Potatoes, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, and Baby-Back Ribs), and complete a new series of goals all in the hopes of seeing a great Fireworks show at the end of the event.

Here's a complete look at the new goals:

A Super Food Booth:

Place your Food Booth
Have 2 Festival Passes
Serve 10 Corn Dogs

You'll need to ask your friends for Festival Passes, which are actually a pretty limited item. You'll be able to earn only a single Festival Pass from the same friend throughout this entire Summer Food Festival, so I hope you have tons of friends around to help. Finishing this first goal gives you the Chicken Salad Wrap recipe.

Super Summer Fair:

Serve 15 Caramel Apples
Serve 15 Chicken Salad Wraps
Ask for 5 Tablecloths

That's right, in addition to these Festival Passes, you'll also have to ask for regular collectible items to finish these goals.

Summer Spuds:

Serve 30 Atomic Buffalo Wings
Ask for 5 Big Baking Potatoes
Have 8 Festival Passes

Your two passes from the first goal will carry over for this requirement, so at least you'll only have to find six more players to help you (or create more fake Facebook accounts to send the passes, but do that at your own risk). Finishing this goal gives you your second free recipe, the Baked Potatoes.

Enter the Ice Cream:

Finish Building the Ice Cream Cart
Ask for 8 Balloons
Master Baked Potatoes to level 1

As this Summer Food Fest includes all of the recently released cooking equipment in its theme, you'll need to have finished building the Ice Cream Cart, and later the BBQ Grill.

An Explosive Summer:

Master Chicken Salad Wrap to level 2
Have 15 Festival Passes
Ask for 7 Fireworks

Again, your eight passes are carried on here, leaving you to earn seven more for this task.

Grilling Season:

Serve 35 BBQ Chicken
Ask for 7 Saucey Suggestions
Ask for 10 BBQ Aprons

Yep, even after asking for tons of festival passes, you'll still need to spend the majority of this quest set asking for more items. Don't say I didn't warn you.

It's Officially Summer:

Complete the BBQ Grill
Ask for 12 Jars of Molasses
Serve Clubhouse Sandwich 40 Times

Finishing this goal gives you the Bacon Wrapped Scallops recipe. For a complete look at how to build the BBQ Grill, check out our guide.

Grilled to Order:

Master Pulled Pork to Level 2 on the BBQ Grill
Serve 16 Ginger Ale form the Drink Bar
Have 25 Festival Passes

This might be the first goal to actually give you problems with the Festival Passes, so just remember that you can always temporarily add new neighbors and Facebook friends to finish these goals and then delete them afterward. Admittedly, it's sad that we should have to add strangers as neighbors just to complete these goals, but I suppose if that's what it takes... For finishing this goal you'll receive 3,500 coins and 350 Cafe Points.

After these goals, Zynga has already announced that they are working on rolling out more goals to bring the total to 12. In the meantime though, you've got plenty to work on, so get to it! There's even a contest that will use those Festival Passes you've been collecting, and if you complete the goals you'll receive 500 extra passes (contest entries) as a reward. I suppose that makes all of this collecting worth it, right?

What do you think of the Super Summer Food Fest in Cafe World? Will you go out of your way to collect Festival Passes or complete these goals before the event ends? Let us know in the comments.