Building the FrontierVille Rodeo Arena: Everything you need to know

Rodeo Arena
Rodeo Arena

If there were any situation where it was most appropriate to let out a "yee-haw!" over a Facebook game, it'd be right now. The Rodeo Arena has landed in FrontierVille, and along with it a series of Rodeo Goals.

However, those Goals won't help you build the Rodeo Arena in the slightest, so allow us to help, thanks to FrontierVille Info. Not only that, but how's about a primer on how the new racing feature works? OK, we're done teasing--let's get right into it.

Building the Rodeo Arena isn't a far cry from other feature-rich buildings in the game, meaning you will need to ask your friends for lots of items. This building in particular requires:

  • 12 Round Pens

  • 1 Rodeo Lariat

  • 8 Clown Chaps

  • 8 Rodeo Dirts

  • 8 Bronco Chutes

  • 8 Racing Barrels

That's a whopping 45 items in all, which is especially daunting considering they all must be found through friends. To break it down, the top three items must be requested from friends directly, while the bottom three will be found by posting News Feeds on your friends' Walls. That single Rodeo Lariat has us guessing, however, that it may require you to add a new player to the game, which is quite the feat. (If that's the case, you could always make a phony Facebook account solely for this item and delete it later, but you didn't hear that from me.)

Building the Rodeo Arena
Building the Rodeo Arena

Anyway, once the Rodeo Arena is complete you can click it and select "Race" to dive right into this new mini game. A menu will appear, displaying your own Horses and their skills, which finally have a purpose--to race! Choose your best Horse, and pick a friend to race against based on their difficulty level. This is decided by either your Horses skills compared to the opponents, or simply by a basic metric like the opponents' skills.

However, a feature called "Cheers" can turn the tables. This allows players to request Cheers from their friends, which increase their Horse's chances of winning a race and last for 12 hours. However, it's unsure how heavily Cheers are weighed in races, as it would be pretty disappointing to have your hard-working Horse beat down by a cheering crowd rather than honest competition.

Rodeo Arena Menu
Rodeo Arena Menu

Unfortunately, Horses can only race so often, and require rest between races. If you're willing to cough up the 8 Horseshoes, your Horses can be revived with a Bronco Tonic. So, it helps to have more than one Horse leveled up, if you want to compete multiple times daily.

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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Have you started racing in the Rodeo Arena yet? What do you think of this new competitive feature, and how do you plan on coming out on top? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.