Summer Spendin': Which Companies Win When School's Out

Summer fun on a trampoline
Summer fun on a trampoline

Despite a house rule for the youngsters in my home that forbids any sentence beginning with the words "I want," just a few days into summer vacation, my children are already pouring on the requests. And while I understand how to "just say no," I can't help but consider which companies stand to benefit from the demand spike fueled by kids home for the summer, spouting lines like:

Can we have a bonfire tonight?
Oversized, "jet-puffed" marshmallows on the end caps of aisles in grocery stores nationwide = genius. No more doubling up. Potential winner: Kraft (KFT)

But everyone has a trampoline. They do seem fun, but I'm not buying into the idea of digging a big hole in the backyard because being closer to the ground is safer. We'll spring for the safety net. Potential winner: Sears (SHLD)

Why don't we have a car like this?
We were stranded at the airport due to weather this week and ended up driving overnight instead. An angel at the Avis counter managed to give me good deal on brand new, decked-out Ford Edge. The built-in Sony (SNE) sound system with Sirius (SIRI) satellite radio is particularly impressive. The kids came with me to return it and couldn't help but shout out as they sat in a "crossover" for the first time, "Mom, I'm digging this leg room. I think we should really get this car!" Potential winner: Ford (F).

If you won't let us buy the game, maybe we could just rent it. After being continuously turned down on requests for new -- often violent -- games, my boys cleverly back-pedaled and went for the soft sell, "Let's just rent them. This way you can see if the games have too much blood and we can see if we like them." Potential winner: Gamefly.

Will you play catch with me? We have a full house, so you'd think there would always be someone around to toss a ball with. Not always so, though, which is why bounce backs seem made to order for athletic households. Ours just arrived care of Amazon (AMZN). Major assembly required. Potential winner: STX.

I can wear these shorts to the pool and church. Gym shorts apparently just got a lot more versatile. My boys claim "silkies" work in any venue. Potential winners: NIKE (NKE). Their sister prefers American Eagle (AEO).

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