Report: Pottermore will be Harry Potter's online gaming hub [Updated]

Pottermore Owl
Pottermore Owl

Soon enough, you'll become a wizard of the worldwide web in Pottermore, which The London Times (subscription required) reports will be an online gaming hub for all things Harry Potter. The website was revealed last week, which of course sent Potter fans into a whirlwind of wizardly guesswork as to what Pottermore would be.

And while author J.K. Rowling promises to officially reveal more details this June 23, this leak found by the London Times confirms what many a fan might have hoped for.

Pottermore will reportedly be an online game website that will grant players clues to the locations of hidden prizes in the real world, most notably of which are magic wands in the U.K. and US.

We also know that the project is being handled by Adam & Eve, a UK-based PR firm. Since everything is still up in the air, my (hopeful) guess is that this is a Harry Potter social game. Until we find out more information, fuel your hype with this special YouTube countdown timer until the official reveal in 16 long hours.

Update: Author J.K. Rowling has revealed that Pottermore will not be a social game, but an interactive reading experience for Harry Potter fans. It will offer audio books, and, for the first time e-books for all of the Harry Potter series. However, there will be virtual rewards for tasks completed on the site, Mashable reports. Check out Rowling's message to you, the loyal Potter-heads, below:

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