Mahjongg Dimensions sees addition of power-ups and bonus tiles in our exclusive first look


Attention all Mahjongg Dimensions fans! The folks at Arkadium have given us an exclusive first look at a major game update that will enhance your ability to make tile matches like never before! While the ultimate goal of creating as many tile matches and earning as many points in each 60-second gameplay segment has been retained, you'll soon have access to new bonus tiles that will have you earning more points than ever before.

After the update beta launches on June 30, we'll have access to at least three new types of tiles, along with all of the regular symbol tiles on the board: Yellow Tiles, Bomb Tiles, and Time Tiles. While we'll have to wait until the beta actually begins to find out exactly what these bonus tiles do, we can only assume that the Bomb Tiles will wipe out sections of the board or at least offer us bonus points, while Time Tiles will likely either freeze time or add more time to your clock.

In addition, instead of being able to activate only a single Boost at the beginning of a game as is the case now, we'll be able to choose up to three to combine at once. The combination you choose (score multipliers, elemental bonuses, time bonuses, etc.) will have a great impact on your game's result, so you'll need to use strategy and a bit of practice to determine the best combination for the highest scores possible. After all, while these new features may add more to the gameplay experience, they don't deter from the overall goal of climbing as high as you can on that friend leaderboard!

Finally, a new XP and level system will allow you to earn experience points for playing, which work towards unlocking some new features. What new features? Well, for one, we know that you'll need to level up quite a bit to unlock all three Boost slots, as you can see in these images, but we're sure the folks at Arkadium have tons more up their sleeves.

All of these changes have been inspired by feedback Arkadium has received from fans. With over 800,000 monthly players, that's a ton of heads to scratch for new ideas, and it seems that Arkadium is implementing plenty of them to make the game even better than before.

Could these changes help Mahjongg Dimensions once again climb the leaderboards to take on 60-second gameplay mainstays like Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz? With more information about the beta coming at a later date, we'll make sure to let you know if that ends up being the case.

Are you a long-time Mahjongg Dimensions fan? Are these changes those that you've hoped would be added? Will you come back to the game after an absence due to these changes? Let us know in the comments.