FrontierVille Pioneer Trail: Catch crawdads in scenic Beaver Valley


Two new pieces of information have been released about FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail this week, with Zynga releasing images showing what Beaver Valley itself will look like on the FrontierVille fan page (remember, we knew of Beaver Valley's existence via the Trail Map image that has also been released), and giving us a bit of information about what our carpenter and hunter will spend their time doing on the trail.

The image above shows us beautiful Beaver Valley, while the image below shows us a set of crawdad traps. We've been told that "the creeks in Beaver Valley are burstin' with crawdads! Yer hunter can rustle up meat fer bait, and yer handy carpenter can build a trap to nab 'em! Be sure to get plenty o' hot sauce and invite yer friends to squeeze the tails and suck the heads."

While we're left with that lovely thought, we can also take some time to further speculate as to what all of this means. Will we need to collect building supplies from friends to actually construct crawdad nets like we do other buildings? Will we have to hunt for our own bait, or do we really have to leave that up to the hunter? All of these questions will be answered in time, and I know I for one simply can't wait to find out the answers. Come on Zynga!

What do you think of these two new pieces of information about the Pioneer Trail? Are you excited about the idea of actually hunting these wild animals virtually, or would you rather leave that task to friends? Let us know in the comments.