FrontierVille Legends Davy Crockett Goal: Everything you need to know [Updated]

frontierville davy crockett
frontierville davy crockett

Update: Unfortunately, Zynga has confirmed for us that this Goal is a hoax. There is no Davy Crockett Legends Goal in FrontierVille, nor is one in the works as of this writing.

That's the thing about Legends, they're never forgotten. And how could Zynga forget Davy Crockett, only the most famous frontiersman of all? Luckily, he's the subject of the next FrontierVille Legends Goal, a self-titled, timed (10 days from start) venture into the woods to off some bears and grizzle up in honor of the grizzliest dude around, Davy Crockett.

1. Davy Crockett:

  • Clobber 20 Bears

  • Collect 15 Coonskin Caps

  • Collect 3 Daily bonuses from the Cabin

Davy Crockett Goal
Davy Crockett Goal

Davy Crockett
Davy Crockett

It's a shame, really, that Zynga would require us to find 20 Bears and clobber them immediately after having to chop an equal amount of trees, thanks to Cordwood Pete. Looking past that move, I would recommend buying some more Trees from the Market (sorry guys, best thing I can think of)--the Pines are only 350 a piece.

While you sort out that mess, you must collect 15 Coonskin Caps, which you can probably already guess are from friendly help requests. Then, collect from the Cabin three times and this Goal is finito completo. For that, you will be rewarded a Bear Cart (?), 750 XP and 500 Coins.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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