FarmVille Sneak Peek: Sheep getting Pig levels treatment soon

FarmVille Sheep Levels
Soon, you'll be able to power up your Sheep just like your Pigs in FarmVille. It's about time Zynga released the Sheep progression tree, and according to FarmVille Feed, that will be very soon. The fan site reports that Sheep progression will be essentially identical to how Pigs leveled up, and your Sheep Pen capacity will increase by 50.

FarmVille Sheep Levels 2
However, FarmVille Feed points out that this doesn't exactly add up with the overall limit of 100 Sheep on the farm. The news has revealed some fancy new Sheep patterns as well, including the previously-released Level 30 pattern. The new Sheep Breeding progression should be here soon considering all this artwork has been made available. So, sit tight and you'll be able to power up your Sheep in no time.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Feed]

Are you psyched to finally get to level up your Sheep like you did with Pigs? What do you think of the brand new patterns? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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