FarmVille Sheep and Pig Breeding will get much, much better

FarmVille Sheep Pig Breeding boost
FarmVille Sheep Pig Breeding boost

Remember that FarmVille Father's Day promotion that boosted male pattern-transfer rates in Sheep and Pigs by 100 percent? Well, we all (including Zynga) apparently loved it so much that a portion of that boost will permanently be added to the game. Soon enough, male Sheep and Pigs will have a 50 percent chance of passing their unique pattern onto their offspring. Not only will this make breeding that much more fun, it also makes the guesswork far simpler. Check out Zynga's full statement from the FarmVille forums:

Breeding is going to get better! Due to the popularity and high demand for the feature, the chance of Dads passing on their patterns to their children will go up to 50%! Moms no longer impact pattern inheritance but can influence the color of their children! So prepare your sheep and pigs, start stocking up on love potions and gather your bottles because breeding is going to get more fun!

Now when you go into a breeding scenario, all you need to know is there is a 50-50 shot that the youngin' will inherit its daddy's pattern. Female Sheep and Pigs, again, only influence colors. We're sure you are blown away by this oncoming update (not to mention that Sheep are getting Levels, too), but pull yourself together and starting hoarding Love Potions and Baby Bottles for when the boost finally arrives.

[Via FarmVille Feed]

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