Better Business Bureau processed 436 Zynga complaints in 36 months, study says

Zynga SurveyAnd several other, more happy-go-lucky statistics were included in a study conducted by Single Grain, an SEO firm. The study reveals interesting statistics like of the 20 percent of people in US that have played a social game, 35 percent of them have never played a video game before. Of course, the seven ways of telling us that more women play Facebook games than men are included. (It's just not a survey without them.)

However, as you scroll down the infographic, the findings become a bit darker (and weirder), like Single Grain's finding that, "The Better Business Bureau processed 436 complaints about Zynga in the last 36 months." And to think that 90 percent of the company's revenue is thanks to virtual goods purchases. Speaking of weirder, did you know that the FarmVille maker's employees, when chosen for quarterly awards, have a choice between "a car filled with vested stock" or "a weekend spree in a $200,000 Lamborghini?"

It's true, and they're even offered trips to Vegas with acupuncture and massage treatments. In addition to one in every five Facebook users having played FarmVille, digital farmers outnumber real farmers in the US 80 to one. Not to mention half of all Facebook log-ins are to play games. According to Single Grain's findings, Zynga is having a grand old time--except for those nasty BBB reports. Oh well, there's always Vegas to help wash those worries away.

Social Gaming infographic

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