HotShot on Facebook: Peggle has arrived, but it's not PopCap's game

HotShot on Facebook
With all of the crying I've done on the blog for Peggle to come to Facebook, you'd think I'd be happy at this moment. But nay, this is not Peggle for Facebook, but HotShot. Developed by PlayQ, HotShot is for all intents and purposes the answer to my crying. But no matter how polished and deep that answer is, it's not the answer I want. And I'll continue throwing my little blogger temper tantrum (and maybe playing HotShot) until PopCap answers me.

: Unfortunately, this is another game, like PyramidVille, that emulates an existing product so closely that comparisons simply cannot be avoided. Honestly, PlayQ beat PopCap to the punch by creating what we imagine Peggle would be on Facebook, complete with an interface similar to its existing "Blitz" games like Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz--well, minus the 60-second timers. However, there's one thing that sets HotShot and the nonexistent Peggle for Facebook apart: HotShot runs like it's played on the Moon. In other words, it's damn slow. (Perhaps this has something to do with the browser I'm using, but Firefox isn't exactly fringe software.)

HotShot on Facebook
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HotShot on Facebook: Peggle has arrived, but it's not PopCap's game

For those familiar, the game plays exactly like Peggle. For the uninformed, HotShot tasks players with shooting a series of balls at multicolored pegs Pachinko-style, though the goal is to eliminate all of the orange pegs on each level. (If you think this might be grounds for an infringement suit, it only gets better.) You have 10 balls to complete this task in as much time as it takes, but if you're skilled you can earn free balls by landing a ball in the moving Bucket or racking up points with peg-pummeling combos and skill shots.

There are also--just like in Peggle--purple pegs that will increase your score for that single shot and red pegs (not green ones like you're used to) that allow you to use power-ups as they unlock. Players purchase these power-ups, like the Double Shot, with Coins just before entering a new level. You know, the same thing done in PopCap's existing Facebook games? Each completed level earns you a new Badge, which is essentially a way to track how close you are to unlocking the next set of levels, and spends one Energy point.

HotShot on Facebook in action
This resource, like in all Facebook games, refills over time. Though, you can use Gold purchased with Facebook Credits or earned by leveling up to buy Energy refills and other premium boosts. Of course, you can share your milestones with your friends, and view theirs as well through the nifty-if-unoriginal leader board and friend bar that update weekly.

There is no denying that the idea and largely all of PlayQ's inspiration for HotShot came from Peggle and its absence from Facebook. While the developer was quick to answer the call, this simply isn't the answer I was looking for. However at least HotShot, with its spotless polish and presentation, will hold you over until the real deal shows up on the platform. (But how's about a speed boost?)

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Do you think HotShot could hold you over until PopCap (hopefully) releases Peggle on Facebook? Do you think this game can stand on its own right, regardless of its obvious inspirations? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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