FrontierVille Legends Save Trees from Cordwood Pete Goal: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Cordwood Pete Items
FrontierVille Cordwood Pete Items

Another legendary frontier folk has entered the wild western land of FrontierVille, and this time it's Cordwood Pete. This dude was actually Paul Bunyan's younger brother, a lumberjack known for his inversely small stature compared to his massive brother. But onto the Goal. This Goal is simple enough, and results in an appealing reward, the Golden Axe. OK, maybe not the Golden Axe, but a gold one nonetheless.

FrontierVille Legends Cordwood Pete
FrontierVille Legends Cordwood Pete

Gold Axe
Gold Axe

1. Save Trees from Cordwood Pete:

  • Chop 100 Trees

  • Collect 15 Lemonade

  • Have or craft 20 Fire

To chop the 100 Trees, you've been allowed to chop them both on your homestead or while on friend visits. This will save you a ton of Energy, and you'll get tons of Wood to craft those Fires. (I can't imagine how bare our homesteads are going to look after this.) To craft the 20 Fire, you will need to gather 140 Wood and 100 Cloth before you head to the Wagon, so make sure you visit friends to chop those Trees down.

As you do this, you must request from your friends, so do that while you gather materials. Complete these tasks and earn 750 XP, one Oak Tree and a Gold Axe, which provides five chops for every one Energy spent.

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