FrontierVille: Dancing Bear given away for game's first birthday


While FrontierVille has already thrown the majority of its first birthday celebration on Facebook (or has it?), it looks like Zynga has one more trick up their crafting development sleeves for players. The next time you login to the game, look out for the pop-up above, letting you know that you've just become the proud owner of a Dancing Bear!

Don't let this rather scary image fool you - this bear is just out to have a good time, and he can be found in your inventory. Actually, I take that back, party animal or not, he looks downright insane! Also, be aware that the bear is a bit large, so you won't want to place him just yet, if you're already struggling for space on your Homestead. Unfortunately, the Bear doesn't really anything except animate in a fun little jig, but it's a novel item to say the least. Plus, I definitely won't argue with free. There's no telling if the Dancing Bear will be given away after today, or if it's only for a limited time, so make sure to head to your Homestead sooner, rather than later, to claim yours before he dances his way out of the game.

What do you think of this Dancing Bear? Would you prefer he actually performed a function on your land, or are you happy with a new animated decoration? Let us know in the comments.

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