FrontierVille Sneak Peek: Bess' Rodeo coming soon, so giddy up

FrontierVille Bess' Rodeo
FrontierVille Bess' Rodeo

Before you head off to the FrontierVilleOregonPioneer Trail forever, it's time for a good old rodeo send-off (hopefully not a naked one). Bess' Rodeo is almost ready to be put together, and the first information we have of it is simply a piece of promotional art and this official statement from Zynga: "This week we have some new things that should provide some excitement, like the brand new Rodeo, where you get to compete with your neighbors in barrel races and much more!" So, it looks like the feature will be here by the end of the week, and we'll have a full guide for you as soon as it arrives. So, prepare for a wild ride later this week in FrontierVille--seriously, have you ever been to a rodeo? They're downright frightening.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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