FarmVille Sneak Peek: Water Wheel coming soon?


Another building project looks to be coming to FarmVille in the very near future in the form of a Water Wheel. The image above shows you what the final menu of the Water Wheel will look like. Don't be fooled by the "Spring Garden" text, as this is likely a placeholder that will be corrected upon the Wheel's final release.

The comparison, however, does give us something to go on, in that we know that once we're done building the Water Wheel, we'll be able to choose any of the stages we'd like to actually show on our farm, allowing for a bit of customization should the massive, heavily decorated final product not be to your liking. I personally think it's lovely, but to each farmer their own.

No word yet on which set of building materials this will require, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility of Watering Cans being a required ingredient since this is a Water Wheel after all. We also don't know if the building will have a function, or if it will just be decorative (I'm leaning towards the latter). We'll make sure to give you all of the details about this new building as soon as it officially launches in the game.

What do you think of the FarmVille Water Wheel? Would you like to be able to use this building for some purpose - Watering Can production, perhaps? Or, are you happy adding another customizable decoration to your land? Let us know in the comments.