FarmVille Mystery Game (06/21/11): Father's Day items arrive a bit late


A full two days late, we see a new Mystery Game being released in the FarmVille marketplace. Unfortunately, the theme of this Mystery Game is also a bit out of date, as Father's Day items are now available to "win" for your farm for 20 Farm Cash per dart.

Here are the confirmed prizes for this week's game:

Blue Leopard Ram
Brown Leopard Boar
Gold Mini Stallion
Gold Stallion
Golden Pony
Golfer Duck

Keep a special eye out on that Boar and Ram, as you'll be able to add the Leopard pattern to your Sheep and Pig breeding escapades by adding them to your collections. While you're certainly not guaranteed to receive one for your 20 Farm Cash investment, if you do, at least you'll know you've saved some money over what normally amounts of a 30 Farm Cash or more price tag buying these males outright in the store.

Unfortunately, regardless of its late start date, you won't be given any extra time to purchase darts for this week's game, as it will still expire on Sunday evening, technically five days from now. Make sure you buy a dart fast so you don't miss out!

What do you think of this week's Mystery Game prizes? Let us know in the comments.