FarmVille: Latest Birthday Mystery Box offers highly sought after Unicorns


Rejoice FarmVille players! If you've ever wanted to get your hands on a Unicorn in FarmVille, but started playing the game too late, or just missed out on their releases (for whatever reason), you've now been given a limited time opportunity to get your hands on up for six of them for your farm! That's right, the latest in the series of Birthday Mystery Boxes offers us a set of Unicorns as prizes.

For the price of 25 Farm Cash, you'll be guaranteed one of the following:

Candy Cane Unicorn
Pink Unicorn
Purple Unicorn
Shamrock Unicorn
White Unicorn
Yellow Unicorn

Fortunately, unlike past Birthday Mystery Boxes, this one won't be around for just a day, as we've been given three days to purchase one or more of these Boxes. Sure, the mystery of not knowing which animal you'll receive is a bit upsetting, but they're all super cute, and you really can't go wrong. Will you join me in purchasing one?

What do you think of this Unicorn-filled Birthday Mystery Box? Do you already have a Unicorn collection on your farm, or are you using this box to start one? Let us know in the comments.