FarmVille: Fairy Tale items spin another enchanted web for one day only


After a rather interesting weekend in FarmVille, which saw no regular update, and a gap (premature ending?) of the Birthday Classics series in the game's store, tonight the game has been updated to see a relaunch of the Fairy Tale theme of limited edition items in the store. It's unknown right now whether or not this was intentionally planned weeks ahead, or if last week's series of Birthday Classics really was supposed to be the end, but we'll take a re-release of these colorful, enchanted items either way.

Here's a complete rundown of what's once again available, for one day only:


Golden Apple Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Giant Golden Apple Tree - 10 Farm Cash
Sour Apple Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Giant Sour Apple - 10 Farm Cash


Fairy Pig: 18 Farm Cash
Ridinghood Sheep - 14 Farm Cash
Cat n' Boots - 12 Farm Cash
Pegasus - 35 Farm Cash
Princess Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Knight Steed - 26 Farm Cash
Invisible Cat - 22 Farm Cash
Black Dragon - 24 Farm Cash
Granny Wolf - 16 Farm Cash
Black Gypsy Horse - 26 Farm Cash


Fairy Shoe House - 12 Farm Cash
Fairy Cottage - 15 Farm Cash
Castle Ruin - 350,000 coins
Fairy Tale Cottage - 15 Farm Cash
Toadstool House - 15 Farm Cash
Princess' Tower - 250,000 coins


Magic Carpet: 12 Farm Cash
Fairy Gnome - 18 Farm Cash
Troll Bridge - 200,000 coins
Enchanted Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Prince Gnome - 15 Farm Cash
Princess Gnome - 15 Farm Cash
Pumpkin Carriage - 18 Farm Cash
Bean Stalk - 100,000 coins
Lollipop Fence - 5,000 coins
Large Mushroom - 10,000 coins
Prince Frog's Pond - 15 Farm Cash
Magic Fairy Ring - 100,000 coins
Golden Rose Arch - 10,000 coins
Magic Waterfall - 18 Farm Cash
Mushroom Knoll - 20,000 coins
Knight Gnome - 15 Farm Cash
Green Willow Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Mermaid Fountain - 240,000 coins
Gumdrop Sprinkle - 8,000 coins
Black Swan Lake - 20 Farm Cash
Magic Mirror - 30,000 coins
Small Mushroom - 5,000 coins

As you can see, this re-release is absolutely massive, and if you hadn't already spent all of your coins and Farm Cash last week you can definitely spend the rest here. Also, take special note of the Magic Carpet and Toadstool House, as they are new items to this theme, but will still only be available for a single day. Shop fast if you want these items, as there's no telling if we'll ever see them again!

Are you ready to see a completely new theme added to the game's store, or are you happy being given these second chances at past themes? Let us know in the comments.