Cracker Barrel Employee Finds Family on the Wall

Cracker Barrel Imagine randomly noticing a picture hanging on the wall of your workplace, and realizing that the people in it look vaguely familiar. Now imagine finding out that those people are actually your flesh and blood relatives.

That's exactly what happened to an Owensboro, Ky., Cracker Barrel restaurant employee, according to local WBKR Country music radio host Dave Spencer. Sandra, the employee who asked Spencer to use her first name only, was a military wife who had hit on some hard times when officials classified her husband as deceased. Only problem was, he was alive but had recently had a heart attack -- and was in desperate need of the health benefits that had been cut off.

Sandra took a job at Cracker Barrel, a restaurant decorated with antiques and vintage photos, to help make ends meet. She was sweeping a back dining room when she looked up and saw an old photo of a baby and her mother, who apparently looked exactly like Sandra's recently deceased niece, Cammi-Jo. She also bore a resemblance to Sandra herself.

She snapped a picture of the photo and sent it to her sister-in-law, Cammi-Jo's mother, remarking on the resemblance. A little family history research proved that the baby in the photograph was Sandra's great-great-great grandmother. The picture had previously hung above the piano in Sandra's great-grandmother's home.

Cracker Barrel management is graciously arranging to return the photo to Sandra's family. Now if the military would only be so cooperative.

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