CityVille Toy Store Upgrades: Everything you need to know


The Toy Store has now joined the growing list of businesses that can be upgraded in CityVille, so if you haven't deleted all of your Toy Stores due to lack of space and their poor profits, you can now make them more profitable by upgrading them (even if they're your friends' franchises).

The Toy Store can be upgraded from its starting place at Level 1, all the way to Level 3, with each level giving it a better payout, but also requiring more Goods in return. For instance, the Level 2 Toy Store earns 400 coins for every 100 Goods supplied, up from the 180 coins that the original Toy Store earned. To upgrade your Toy Store, you'll need to earn points, which are earned by simply collecting from and supplying your Toy Store(s) repeatedly.

You can either wait until you earn 50 points for the first upgrade by yourself, or you can ask your friends to help you, with each friend offering you two points towards this first upgrade. After you've hit that, you'll need to go through the process all over again to reach Level 3, where your payout increases again to 670 coins, and the Goods demanded increases to 160.

If you happen to have more than one Toy Store, know that you have to upgrade each one individually. Also, the building will change in size and appearance as its upgraded, so don't ask your friends to help you if you'd rather delay losing the quaint look of your Toy Store as it is now. At this rate, we'll be seeing many more businesses allowing for upgrades in the future, so keep checking back with us as we give you details over each upgrade as they're launched.

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What do you think of the Toy Store upgrades? Which business or community building would you like to see upgraded next? Let us know in the comments.