Sony PS Vita will reign in a 'social gaming revolution' [Video]

Sony PS Vita
Sony PS Vita

If the $250 price point wasn't enough--which is admittedly quite tempting--Sony has released a new video detailing those juicy social features tucked away within its new handheld, the PS Vita. The PS3-grade portable will have a host of social gameplay features in addition to its two touch surfaces (one is the screen), gyroscope, 3G/WiFi Internet connection and whatever else is hiding in there. (We're holding our breath waiting patiently for the "Oh yeah, and it makes phone calls" announcement.)

The clearly promotional video tells us a lot of what we could have already guessed (and some of which we already knew): cross-game voice chat, social leader boards, connection to the PlayStation Network and more. However, the nearly three-minute clip gives a sliver more detail into the handheld's truly social features, and they sound a whole lot like what a certain Japanese, three-dimensional competitor offers.

Most notable of which is the Near system, which will allow the Vita to communicate with any other PS Vita within a certain radius, allowing for true friend discovery and instant social play--in theory. There is even a segment that shows a unit playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but when Near is enabled players begin sharing gifts. (Just like in Facebook games ... sorta.) Regardless of whether these features are inspired, it's clear that social gaming has, and will have, a very tangible effect on gaming everywhere. The Sony PS Vita was announced to release later this year at E3.

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