Some Say You Can Use Psychic Powers to Find a Job

Psychic Powers OK, so you've tried every job site you can find, sent out a gazillion resumes, read all the self-help career books on the shelf, and maybe even called in with a question for an employment expert you heard on the radio, and you still can't find the right job. There just might be one job search option you haven't explored yet: your sixth sense. Ever thought of harnessing psychic powers to help you find your next great gig?

There are those who say that "psychic intelligence" can not only help you know if your partner is cheating or meet a tall dark stranger, but can also help you find your next fabulous boss.

Terry and Linda Jamison, better known as The Psychic Twins, have just published an instructional book, "Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition," that they hope will help readers harness their psychic gifts, which they believe everyone has, to do anything from finding a job to finding a true love, or a cure for cancer.

If you are skeptical, know that the Psychic Twins are not your stereotypical, crystal-waving, psychic hot-line charlatans. In 2000, they predicted 9/11 in specific terms, on national radio. They're widely documented as having made accurate predictions on television and other media sources, and are set to appear on "Good Morning America" on June 21 and in an hour long special called "Twintuition" on ABC's "Nightline" on June 29.

They talk about how you don't need to consult a psychic to be the beneficiary of psychic intelligence. "You've got it; all you need are the tools to recognize and cultivate it," they say, "and the courage and self-confidence to put it into action."

That last part, "put it into action," is where most people fall short when trying to use psychic intelligence to find a career path, the twins add. "A lot of people call us, and they're just plain lazy. They want us to do a reading and tell them specifically where to apply for their next job, and when they'll be working again. They want to just sit around and wait for a job to fall into their laps. It doesn't work that way."

How to Fine Tune Your Psychic Intelligence

So how does it work? "You have to learn how to listen at a much deeper level," they say. They cite the RN who had to have knee surgery and spent her recovery time developing her psychic intelligence. When she had healed enough to go back to work, she found a much better position waiting for her -- she had willed it into being, and knew it when she saw it.

The twins suggest specific steps you can take to find the perfect job using psychic intelligence:

job interview1. Throw your strategy out the window. If you stick to one very specific path, you won't be open to everything that might come your way, and you'll have to start all over again from square one if that specific strategy doesn't work.

2. Be open. Be alert and receptive to anything that comes your way. The twins have found this especially useful in their own careers. They haven't always made their living as psychics -- but they never pass up an opportunity for something new, and have taken jobs in other fields that they thought would give them access and exposure to people and opportunities that would take them in their chosen direction.

3. Get real. Take inventory of your strengths, weaknesses, passions and preferences. But don't fool yourself -- just because you're passionate about something, or because you believe in yourself, doesn't mean you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, contrary to conventional wisdom. The twins live in Los Angeles, where everyone either has written a screenplay or wants to be an actor, and they come to the twins wanting to know when they're going to get their big break. It doesn't take a psychic to know that their big break will come when they pursue a career in something to which they're better suited. You have to be excruciatingly honest with yourself to find out what that field might be, and there are psychic signposts out there that can point you in the right direction, if you're open to them.

4. Create a mission statement. It shouldn't be about one certain job, as in, "I am going to be a clothing buyer at Macy's," but it should cite what you want to accomplish in life, such as, "I am going to help people look and feel their best by giving them access to beautiful clothes."

5. Focus on how you create value. So many people spend all their time and mental energy thinking about how much better their life will be once they get that dream job. Instead, try thinking about how much better you will make the world and the company you work for once you get that dream job. "That's like grabbing the tail of a fast horse," say the twins. "It will put you in a much greater energy flow."

6. Meditate. Clear out all the clutter -- find a time when you can stop thinking about who is going to win "Dancing with the Stars" and what you're going to eat for dinner and focus, undistracted, on your career path. Find a quiet place where you can relax, breathe deeply and calm down. Think about the first five steps, and be open to the thoughts that the universe, or whatever higher power you believe in, sends to you.

7. Show gratitude. When you wake up in the morning, give thanks for another day to search for a job, to whatever power you believe in. Give thanks for that ideal job you're about to get. Be grateful for the help you're about to receive, from people in this world, and from other sources. This helps keep you open and focused.

"Leave room for magic in your life," counsel the Psychic Twins. The religious call it miracles, or the hand of God working in mysterious ways. "There are all sorts of powers out there that you might not understand at this point, that are available to you to help you fulfill your purpose. Anyone can find how to tap those powers by developing their psychic intelligence," they say.

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