Realm of the Mad God busts out of beta on Chrome Web Store

Realm of the the Mad God - New and on the Chrome Store - tips, cheats, reviews
Realm of the the Mad God - New and on the Chrome Store - tips, cheats, reviews

Do you like shooting things? How about ... lots of things? Then you'll more than likely love Realm of the Mad God. (Well, it helps to appreciate retro-style visuals and all things fantasy.) Game designer Daniel Cook has released his frenetic, fraternal side project from open beta to the Chrome Web Store for absolutely free. Just the way we like it. (Though, it's really just a link to the original web game. [Thanks, Laurent!])

The game enlists you, brave adventurer, as one of several fantasy tropes--the wizard, the warrior, you get the idea--to slay the evil god kings of each realm. Though, you'll need the help of some friends to make it happen, because there are a ton of bullets out there. Realm of the Mad God features solely cooperative play, but attempts to instill some competition through item stealing and friendly corpse-looting. If you want some more info on the game, check out our full guide right here.

Just like your standard fare social game, Realm of the Mad God has no downloads, installations or any of the other hurdles that come along with PC gaming. But unlike most social games, this one features real-time gameplay with monster-hunting parties of up to 85 players. Now that's what we call "social." The game takes a bit of getting used to for the ... less coordinated gamer, but give it a shot, and maybe we'll see you slay the Mad God Oryx.

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