Michael Jackson Neverland Aerial Tour Open To Fans On Anniversary of Singer's Death


Fans of the King of Pop will take to the air later this week to celebrate (commemorate?) the second anniversary of their be-gloved singer's death on June 25th by flying over Neverland Ranch in helicopters.

"Flight over Neverland" tours, operated by Channel Island's Helicopters run fans between $175 and $500, last about a half an hour and are scheduled to fly continuously on Thursday and Friday.

The A.P. is reporting that 100 passengers have already booked their seats.

There has been a tremendous amount of speculation over the fate of Neverland since Jackson's death. Some want the private amusement park to be open to the public, while others, in particular a group simply called "Never!" strongly oppose the creation of what would inevitably become a West Coast Graceland.

The ranch has plenty to offer as an attraction: Jackson was a collector of movie industry ephemera and all manner of trinkets. His holdings include Edward's Scissorhands, a lot of fancy cars, and a tons of Star Wars memorabilia. Outside, there is the Ferris wheel, Pirate Ship, train station and small zoo.

Last year Hollywood gadfly Perez Hilton reported (probably not the right word) that Jackson's children planned to make Neverland into a "community park and center for animals," but for now die hard fans will have to stay airborne.

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