Lingo by GSN Digital is sans Bill Engvall, still flexes the brain muscle

Lingo in action
Look, we know you might be bummed upon playing Lingo, the next Flash game by GSN Digital, to find that host Bill Engvall is nowhere to be found. But his distracting comforting southern drawl isn't needed here, because this interactive rendition of the brand (sort of--it's a remake) new game show stands well enough on its own right. Lingo, released alongside its television counterpart this month, challenges players to discover the five-letter mystery word with 10 attempts.

Unfortunately, there are no hints provided like in the TV show, but the game will let you know when you're close to discovering the word. When you guess letters correctly, a green light will confirm that the guess and its location were correct, but getting a letter right and its position wrong will provide just a yellow circle. Your job is to solve as many words as you can--with a max of five--in three minutes to rack up those bonus points, or Oodles to trade in for real prizes.

Lingo Round
Then, it's time for the Lingo Round, as GSN Digital calls it, which tasks players with revealing a Lingo line vertically, horizontally or diagonally for a score bonus. If players make it past this round of chance (really, there are no mental skills required here) with just five balls to guess, they will enter a 60-second lightning round in which they must guess as many words within the time limit to boost their scores.

The game features weekly leader boards as well to spur competition. Lingo is a light, mentally-flexing word puzzle game that fits those quick sessions on lunch break perfectly or, if you're into mildly funny comedians-turned-game show hosts, along with the show. Oh, and it's coming to iPhone and Android devices soon, too.

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