Hill City Old West Show Investigated After Shootings, Victims OK


Three tourists are recovering after being shot during what turned out to be a very realistic reenactment of a gun battle in Hill City, South Dakota on Friday.

The three victims, all of whom doctors say will recover, were watching a Old West show put on by the "Dakota Wild Bunch," and amateur troop of fake outlaws, when they were struck by pieces of live ammo.

According to the Rapid City Journal, the reenactments have been staple of life in Hill City for so long that residents don't pay any particular mind to gunshots. They do, on the other hand, tend to notice blood.

"Me and a friend were sitting there watching it and got shot right in between my eyes in the forehead," Kyle Poulain, a 23-year-old who was hit by some of the packing used in the old-fashioned rifles, not by a bullet, told the RCJ. "I pulled my hands away, and the blood just starts coming out."

The police have been called in to investigate, but the New York Daily News is reporting that no one yet knows whether people were struck by shrapnel from faulty blanks or by live ammo.

Friday's show had been organized to raise money for local hospitals, a goal it will certainly accomplish albeit in a roundabout sort of way.

For rubberneckers, the most tantalizing piece of coverage appeared in the KOTA Territory News, which printed the following paragraph in its Saturday article on the shootings:

"'It was the end of the show and the two behind me had started yelling that they were shot and then blood started spraying out everywhere. We are all trying to figure out how it happened, but we don't know,' explained Phyllis Masten, the videographer for the show."

Yep, videographer. So this will go viral soon. Probably not the best ad for the Old West show.

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