FrontierVille Pioneer Trail Map revealed: come get a look at Beaver Valley


While the Pioneer Trail may still be a few days, or even weeks away from launching in FrontierVille, the team at Zynga has been so gracious as to share with us a version of the Trail Map, showing us where we'll be traveling once we leave the Homestead.

As you can see from the map above, we'll leave the Homestead heading southwest, and it looks like our first stop will take us to Beaver Valley and a bridge. It's sad that this map appears to be incomplete, as there are no other trail markings letting us know what will happen to us once we enter the unmarked brown section at the bottom (I suppose that would spoil all of the fun). Either way, the specific mention of Beavers in Beaver Valley leaves us to wonder if this is where we'll do some hunting. Could our pioneers survive off of Beaver meat for the rest of their journey on the trail?

The Zynga team had this to say about the map, but it doesn't really add much that we didn't already know:

Go West, youngins, and discover a whole new world of adventure on the Pioneer Trail! You and yer crew will encounter natural wonders, ornery critters, stout-hearted travelers and a shifty drifter or two! Get ready, a brand new frontier soon awaits!

Either way, any information is better than no information at all, so we'll continue to update you about any and all things Pioneer Trail related as news becomes available.

What do you think of this Trail Map? Could this be the completed map, or are there many things on the left side that haven't been marked yet? Sound off in the comments.