FrontierVille: Find friends to be your hunter, doctor and carpenter on the Pioneer Trail


It seems that up until the official launch of the Pioneer Trail expansion in FrontierVille, Zynga is going to graciously offer us a new hint or bit of information about what to expect from this new feature. Today, we've learned that we'll need to gather a group of at least three friends for a crew so that we can take on the trail together.

Specifically, the clue states that "Everybody's got a job to do out on the Pioneer Trail! Yer hunter can shoot varmints fer meat, yer doc can find medicine to keep you healthy, and yer carpenter can scavenge parts to keep the wagon rollin'!"

While I'm sure I'm reading more into this than I should, wouldn't it be great if you and your three friends could actually play the game simultaneously and see each other's actions as you travel? While we haven't had any indication that this is in the works, it will likely end up being a more solo experience as with other game mechanics, where perhaps these friends will earn bonuses for sending us items, for instance, rather than actually being "forced" to take part actively. Still, this is an exciting new update, that only makes us even more anxious to hit the trail!

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What do you think of today's clue about the upcoming Pioneer Trail? Do you think there will be any real-time interaction between players, or is this "team" more for show? Speculate with us in the comments.