FarmVille: English Countryside crops are no longer exclusive to the second farm


As if being able to transfer items from one farm to another wasn't exciting enough news, FarmVille players have also begun to discover a second bonus that comes when completing the Storage Transfer goals in the English Countryside: You can then grow English crops on your Home Farm, and vice versa.

If you're the kind of farmer that likes to plant only one kind of crop, day after day, until it's mastered, you'll be happy to know that you'll now be able to master said crops twice as fast (depending on how many plots you have on each farm, that is). This will also help in Bushel collection, as you'll be able to grow the same crop on both farms for double the Bushels in the same amount of times.

As with all things, though, there does appear to be a couple of catches here. For now, it doesn't look like you can plant Greenhouse crops in the English Countryside, and any crop that requires previous mastery of another to grow also look to be excluded as of this writing (so, crops like the Orange Daisy, which require mastery of the Gladiolus, as an example). Still, being able to grow beautiful Pink Asters, or extra Barley and Hops for crafting on my Home Farm is definitely something that has me excited, and working all the more vigilantly on those final English Countryside goals to unlock them myself. Check out our guide to completing them that much faster if you'd like to join me. Happy farming!

What do you think of this new ability to plant formerly exclusive crops across both farms? Let us know in the comments.