CityVille Mystery Crate offers three new items at a high price


A new Mystery Crate has been added to the CityVille market this week, but don't get too excited just yet. There are only three items potentially available inside, and the Crate isn't cheap. Each Mystery Crate costs a whopping 40 City Cash, and for that price, you'll have a chance at either a single Residence, Business or Decoration.

The new Home is the Movie Star House, which offers 350-750 population, and pays out 800 coins in rent every 4.2 days. For the new Business, your citizens can chow down at the Greasy Spoon, a diner that pays out 1001 coins for every 180 Goods you supply. Finally, the new Decoration is the Roller Rink, which adds a 20% to the payout of surrounding buildings.

If you'd rather not take a chance on receiving an item that you don't want, you can also purchase each of these three items individually, but the prices are even worse. The Movie Star House sells for 55 City Cash, while the Roller Rink costs 50. The Greasy Spoon is the cheapest, at 45 City Cash, but that's still more expensive than the Crate itself. I suppose the high price is due to the fact that you're guaranteed to get the item you want, but these prices are wallet busters, make no mistake.

Will you shell out dozens of City Cash for a chance at one of these items, or will you purchase the specific item you want for even more? Let us know in the comments.

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