CityVille: Have some fun in the sun with new Summer items


Four new summer-themed items have been launched in the CityVille market, so I suppose our Spring Fling is now good and gone. For those that are tired of seeing items only available for City Cash (there are apparently quite a few of us), at least there are two items here for coins, while the others cost City Cash.

The Sunbather and Mango Tree are two new decorative items that add a 1% and 2% bonus to the payout of surrounding items, respectively. You can purchase a Sunbather for 1,500 coins and a Mango Tree for 3,000 coins. Meanwhile, the Beach Volleyball decoration costs 30 City Cash, and adds a 23% bonus payout to items, while the Cliff House is a new limited time home that costs 60 City Cash and pays out 126 coins per hour. The Home starts with a population of 300 citizens, but can be raised to 600 over time.

Ok, I have to say it. It's great to see some coin items finally released after weeks of seemingly nothing but City Cash items, but these are a bit disappointing to say the least. I know I'd be willing to pay thousands of coins for each of these City Cash items, and I doubt I'm alone. Hopefully, we'll be given the chance to purchase some equally nice goodies for coins sometime in the future, and we'll make sure to let you know if that's the case.

Will you shell out City Cash for either the Beach Volleyball court or the Cliff House, or are you standing firm that Zynga should release more coin items before it's too late? Let us know in the comments.