Cafe World launches Astounding Cafe expansion; full screen play coming soon


While most goals and Catering Orders in Cafe World wouldn't exactly be considered game-changing, two seemingly smaller updates have been or will be launched in the near future that certainly are. First, get ready to say goodbye to your tight, cramped cooking quarters, as the Astounding Cafe expansion (that's 16 x 18) is now available as part of the Astounding Expansion Sale.

This sale will only be available for two more days, and it sees you earning a 4X Mega Lightning Stove, the expansion, and the limited edition Peach Cobbler recipe all for $35. That's an insane price, to be sure, but Zynga claims it would cost you $100 otherwise. Either way, if you'd rather save your money for something else, the Astounding Expansion will launch through a new goal series coming in August (that's unfortunately all we know at this point).

What's even more exciting, however, is the announcement that a full screen gameplay option is finally (almost) ready to come to the game! Via a yellow banner on top of the gameplay area, we see that "Full Screen and the Super Summer Food Feast" are on the way. The Summer Food Fest looks to be launching as early as this week, and if Full Screen has been mentioned in the same sentence, that leaves us pretty excited that it might launch this week as well! How great would that be?! Either way, we're super excited to see Zynga officially acknowledge the game's desperate need for full screen play, and we'll make sure to let you know when it becomes available.

Are you excited about expanding your Cafe or being able to play in full screen on Facebook? Let us know in the comments.