Want a $10 FarmVille Game Card? Use Bing Rewards

FarmVille Game Card
FarmVille Game Card

And here we are giving you ways to earn a measly 2 Farm Cash through sponsors in FarmVille. Now, you can earn $10 worth of Farm Cash through Bing Rewards simply by using Bing as your search engine. Now, we're not always so quick to endorse (eh, we call it "sharing the wealth") products, but this is $10 in Farm Cash, people--for free!

All you need to do is make a Bing Rewards account by clicking on the orange circle in the upper right corner of Bing's home page. Thankfully, you can do this through Facebook Connect, which makes the journey to earning cool stuff (i.e. Farm Cash) that much faster.

Then, all you need to do is search for things. Really. Every time you search for something on Bing and click through to a website from the search engine, you will earn a small amount of credits (not to be confused with Facebook Credits). Once you earn 1,176 credits, you can redeem the $10 FarmVille Game Card, which will be sent to your house with free shipping.

However, there are faster ways to earn credits like installing the Bing toolbar on your browser and taking part in various reward offers. Read the Bing Rewards FAQ for more information on how you can get to that coveted 1,176 credits in no time. Until then, search to your heart's content.

[Via All Facebook]

Now that some sweet Farm Cash is on the line, would you ever consider signing up for Bing Rewards? What's the first thing you would buy using $10 in Farm Cash? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.