FarmVille re-releases Agricultural Alchemy items for one day only


In what may be the final Birthday Classics theme in FarmVille, Zynga has re-released a set of Agricultural Alchemy items to the game's store. This theme is loosely inspired by Harry Potter, so all aspiring wizards should take note! As usual, these items have only been brought back for a single day, meaning that you'll only have until tomorrow evening to purchase them before they vanish from the store without a trace, possibly never to be seen again. Here's what's available:


Wizard Duck - 14 Farm Cash
Griffin - 40 Farm Cash
White Pegasus - 35 Farm Cash
Baby Dragon - 20 Farm Cash


Wizard Lab - 36 Farm Cash
Wizard Castle - 40 Farm Cash


Sorcerer Pig - 18 Farm Cash
Magic Pot - 12 Farm Cash
Magic Cart - 80,000 coins
Wizard Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Long Eared Owl - 30 Farm Cash
Magic Book - 10 Farm Cash

Unfortunately, this theme doesn't have nearly as many items to choose from, but I suppose that might actually be a good thing since our virtual (and likely real world) pocketbooks have been so strained with the mass amounts of items re-released over the last week. If you still have a few Farm Cash lying around, why not take a look at these magical items and see if there's one (or two) you'd like to add to your farm?

Are you disappointed there aren't more items to choose from here, or is your wallet happy for the break? Let us know in the comments.

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