CityVille Upgrade your Museum: Everything you need to know


Yet another Community Building is now ready to be upgraded in CityVille, with Zynga launching a Museum upgrade in the game. This Museum upgrade can be started by first collecting your profits from any Museum you have, and then clicking on the building when you see the large blue and green arrow floating above it.

Here, you'll see the list of building ingredients that you'll need to collect in order to upgrade. Yes, unfortunately this isn't a simple task where you can just ask friends to join as staff and be done, as you'll actually need to collect a series of 15 items, some of which you may already own. You'll need three each of Marble, Display Cases, Display Lights, Ribbons, and Velvet Ropes.

Once you've collected all of these materials, your Museum will change in size and design visually, and will also then allow for up to 400 citizens to live in your town, rather than just 300. Your Museum will then also give off a random chance for you to earn Marble each time you collect from the building.

But don't think your work is done just yet, as you can also upgrade your Museum to Level 3. For this, you'll first need to be at least level 20 and have 2,500 or more citizens in your town. You'll need to once again collect another set of those five building ingredients to upgrade, and once that's done you'll finally be able to put down the hammer and chisel. Your Museum will then support 600 citizens, and your chance at receiving Marble will increase.

While this does seem like a backwards update, requiring you to spend Marble and other objects to upgrade a building just so you can earn that Marble back, I suppose it does give you something to do if you're caught up on all other quests, or if you just like the look of the upgraded Museum. Either way, don't feel a rush to complete these upgrades if you have other items you'd rather use your daily requests for instead.

What do you think of these Museum upgrades? Will you take the time to collect these building materials just so you'll have a chance at earning Marble in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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