CityVille Spring Fling: Everything you need to know


A new limited-time-only quest has been launched in CityVille, with that quest being called Spring Fling! This one sees Ruth returning with her friendly flock of pigeons to have a celebration of flowers. Until June 21, you'll be able to complete this quest for a lovely Cherry Hill decoration (yes, the quest window says Wildflower Hill, but the item is actually called Cherry Hill as of this writing), but don't think that reward comes easily.

You'll need to complete the following three steps:

Ask Friends for 6 Spring Flowers
Ask Friends for 8 Flower Bulbs
Revive 40 of your Neighbors' Crops

While asking for items is a fairly self-explanatory task (both of these requests go straight to your wall, and you can ask for both things at once), the crop issue could turn into a fairly big deal, if you only keep active neighbors on your roster. That is, the best way to finish this quest would be to head to the cities of neighbors who no longer play the game, and revive any crops they might have left behind. But what if all of your neighbors have living crops? I suppose you'd just have to ask them all to pitch in, planting a set of five crops and then purposefully letting them wither. Either that or shell out the 45 City Cash to skip this step outright.

Whatever your plan, remember that you only have the next two days to complete this quest, and receive the Cherry Hill prize, before it expires, taking this exclusive decoration along with it.

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Will you try to complete this quest in time, or is the neighbor crop task simply too much to ask? Let us know in the comments.